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Any chance of a few more automation options

Started by Neill00, October 01, 2021, 09:11:55 AM

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The automation is a great tool for so many things. There are two options I would love to see added that might help certain situations.  One would be show/hide chords this would take that option from being global and allow you to set it up song by song. The other would be to add the "Next Song" command to automation.  This way if you want to string a few songs together you could it without having to add a bunch of breaks for most of your set list.  And just as you've explained in other places the ability to copy and paste medleys in order from one setlist to another, this way the automation to go to the next song would come with the copy and paste.


show/hide chords this would take that option from being global and allow you to set it up song by song

Do you want to turn that on and off during a song, or just have it set per song?

add the "Next Song" command to automation

I don't think that should be part of the song data (including a song's automation track) because you could sequence the songs differently in another set list and the "next song" might not be wanted. However, you can add a layout action to select the next song when a song ends, and you can adjust the timing of when that happens by adjusting the time of the End event in your automation track. With this approach, every song would proceed to the next song by default, but you could place pauses in your set list in the places where you don't want that to happen.


For the show/hide chords likely just per song not in the middle although if it's something that can be done via automation, the world is your oyster but me personally likely just something at the beginning of the song to show or hide for that song and it may change once the song goes from being a new song to one that we have played for awhile.

With regard to the next song.  I get what you are saying but there are certain songs that we always run one into the next.  So whatever set list we set up these particular songs are alway in that order.  That said it's so few that to turn the feature on in the layout and then add 40 pauses for all the times that we don't do it seems like the harder route.  It's for sure something we could live without and just try to quickly advance the next song manually as we've been doing.


We do have a remote control action for Show/Hide Chords, so you could use that with a foot switch. Setting it per song is on my wish list.

I still don't think putting the song change control at the song level is a good idea, but I'll put it on my wish list anyway. A better solution would probably be some kind of medley functionality that creates a layer between the song level and the set list level and controls that.


I'll defer to your wisdom with regard to the song thing.  With your track record of giving us stuff I didn't even know I wanted until it was here, I recognise the amount of thought that goes into this.  I'm just putting out there how I use it and what would be useful to me. If it's not going to be helpful to other users I'd prefer you spend your time on things that work for everyone. The show hide chords, again if it would be useful overall.


Another vote for something to support medleys. I agree that adding pauses everywhere except for medley transitions would be undesirable, so some kind of 'Play Through' at the set list level would be fantastic. Preferably it would behave as if I clicked on the next song manually once the previous song ended and the next song is queued (for me, that means after the automatic first selection).

Moreover, it would be good if adding a Play Through to the setlist would allow the next song name to peek through in the next song field (as opposed to the Play Through item), so you'll know what's up next.

(I've tried creating medley versions of songs with joined backing tracks and automation events, but it's a significant maintenance headache so I abandoned that approach, and also like Neil00 just went back to quick manual clicks for medley songs.)


I'm cleaning up my wish list and came across this request, which was addressed in an update last year. You two are already aware of this, but for anyone else who finds this, please see:,2756.msg13119.html#msg13119