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Smart List for events?

Started by G_CT, May 29, 2021, 10:35:20 PM

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Hello All,
I'm still learning the rooes on BandHelper, but I'm starting to get a little bit better.
My current issue revolves around booking sound for shows.
I've created a few custom fields pertaining to it, and it works great when I'm just looking at one event at a time.
However, I'm looking to find a way to see all dates that have no sound booked.
Is there a report or Smart List for events that I can create?
Thanks in advance for any help and insights.


There are no smart lists for events (nice idea though) and no way to search for an empty field, but if you put something like "TBD" in the custom field when you create an event, you could then search for that text on the Events list.

You can also export events from the Export button at the bottom of the Events list on the website, and open that in a spreadsheet.


I'll give the TBD idea a try.
I need something simple, as another band member handles sound booking. I need as few steps for him as possible, so export to spreadsheet is out.