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Tracking which band members paid recurring expenses

Started by Harry, August 03, 2018, 07:49:03 AM

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We rent rehearsal space and each member is responsible for an equal share of the expense. I pay the total amount and the other members reimburse me for their share of the expense. Some members pay me at rehearsal and others pay at a later date. For example, I pay $60 for the rehearsal room, one member gives me $20, and the others say they'll pay me next time. What is the best way to track who has paid their share of the expenses?


Each time someone pays you, you can log that as a distribution. Then you could check to see if any distributions are missing. And if you use the Totals page to manage payouts after a gig, this will automatically balance out if someone doesn't pay you back for the rehearsal space -- that person will show as being owed $20 less at the next gig. In fact, if you gig often enough, and don't mind fronting the money, it might be easier just to let BandHelper deduct those expenses from the gig payouts, rather than having each band member pay you for the rehearsal space.