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Totals page amounts seem wrong

Started by ChrisHinshaw, October 15, 2017, 09:39:41 AM

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I'm trying to make sense of the Totals page. I've entered income, expenses, and distributions from 3 shows, with all members sharing all show-related expenses, income and distributions equally. The only difference between members is that I have not been reimbursed for promo materials and van rental. The Income and Expenses columns are correct, but the Received column shows everyone with different amounts (they should be the same), but far more than we have individually received. The Received column total shows $7,642, when it should match the Income total ($1,600) because all funds have been distributed. The Owed column is way off as well. It show all of us owing money (to who?) when I should be the only one owed for my un-reimbursed expenses.

I'm pretty sure I entered all the data correctly according to the video tutorial, but either I'm doing something wrong, or the calculations need modified.


I think the problem is with how you're logging distributions. Looking at your data on the server, I see that you logged three distributions, one for each gig, and assigned each distribution to every user on the gig. Distributions should only have one recipient and should be for the actual amount paid to them. This means if you have five bandmates and you pay everybody after the gig, you would have five distributions. That might seem like a lot of data entry, but if you use the Distribute buttons on the Totals page, BandHelper will fill in everything but the amount for you. This setup allows you to round things off rather than counting out every dollar (e.g., if someone is owed $98, just give them $100) and BandHelper will carry over any differences until next time.

If you delete those three distribution transactions, do all the totals look correct? If so, you can go ahead and add the distributions one per user and they should stay correct.


After this discussion five years ago, I changed the transaction edit page to only allow selecting one recipient for a distribution transaction. Then in yesterday's release, I changed it so you can again select multiple recipients and enter the amount distributed to each recipient in the Shares field. So now logging distributions to multiple people in one transaction is supported.