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Auto-renewing subscriptions

Started by arlo, January 14, 2022, 02:14:34 PM

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Would you use an auto-renewal option?

No, I prefer to renew manually as I do now.
7 (8.3%)
Maybe, I might renew manually or automatically.
13 (15.5%)
Yes, I'd prefer to auto-renew if I could.
64 (76.2%)

Total Members Voted: 84


I've never added auto-renewing subscriptions to BandHelper because I feel strongly that you should only pay for a service when you're actively using it. I don't want to collect money simply because someone forgot to cancel a subscription (and I don't want to deal with processing refunds when that happens).

However, a look at the post-expiration survey results shows that 69% of users wanted to renew and just didn't get to it yet. So perhaps I need to offer this as a convenience. What do you think?

Perhaps a user-friendly compromise would be to send a reminder five days before an auto-renewal with a link to cancel.


I appreciate your thinking on this. I would prefer an auto-renew option, with a notice a  week before so I can ignore to renew, or go and cancel if I have to. I think that's a good solution, so for us devoted users, it's simple to keep using the app as if we "own" it...


I think that auto-renews are helpful. They aren't painful to most users, provided you have a fair and easy process for cancelling them.

I haven't done the annual subscription since Covid. I felt that I couldn't predict if everyone would just throw in the towel unexpectedly, and we weren't gigging enough during covid to charge it off easily. So I went to monthly subscription. But I found myself having to remember to go in and manually renew, sometimes lapsing by 15 days or so. An auto-renewal would help me. Or at minimum, a renewal reminder.

What people do NOT like is an auto-renewal which requires a 90 day notice of termination. So long as one is given a fair cancellation period, (no more than one month, for instance), it doesn't feel like one is being locked into something they won't use - in my sole opinion.


This is available now. You can turn it on next time you make a payment. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have also been updated accordingly: