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Tempo start/stop remote control

Started by treceveu, October 20, 2021, 10:26:39 PM

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I'm trying to use a Midi Baby, a programmable MIDI momentary switch made by Disaster Area Designs, to remote start/stop the tempo in BandHelper.  I have the Midi Baby action selected as 'toggle clock'. It sort of works, but it takes two pushes of the switch to cause an action.  For example:
1st push - no action
2nd push - tempo icon in BH starts to flash
3rd push - no action.  Tempo icon continues to flash
4th push - tempo icon stops flashing.
Any idea what I might be doing wrong?  Thanks.


It sounds like you actually have a latching switch, and you need to change Settings > Remote Control > MIDI Button Style to Latch.


Ah - thanks.  That wasn't quite it but it made me realize I had to program both the push and the release in the Midi Baby software.  Working OK now.