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SLM and Vibrio on the same iPad

Started by Perry-in-DE, October 30, 2021, 02:32:45 PM

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Has anyone managed to get Vibrio to recognize midi signals from SLM? It seems like Vibrio cannot receive signals while in the background.

If not, what Dmx software apps are compatible with SLM running on the same iPad?



Hello - did you ever find a DMX program to do this?  I did purchase Vibrio and had it running great with BandHelper, MIDI controls and all.  Then after a month of programming and setup I discovered Vibrio only runs sequences in the background for a limited time (like 30 seconds or something), then hangs until brought to foreground... super bummed as I like the program but can't use it. Tried to get support, but no response - I don't think they are supporting the program any more.  $$ wasted...

I am now trying out Photon 2, just getting started but it looks very positive so far.