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Text size adjustment for document viewer.

Started by Neill00, November 02, 2021, 01:53:02 PM

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After many years of using this app it's finally dawned on me that the way to determine the default text size is by adjusting the length and width of the document viewer.  Ie the number of lines that will be visible when you reset text size is determined by the length and width.   Would it be possible to add in the document viewer settings (when editing the layout) a text size percentage control like you have for the set size, song size, etc for the songlist?  I find that if I want to set the text size so that I can see, for example, 18 lines when the reset text size has been implemented, the document about is fairly narrow.  If I widen the viewer the text gets bigger.  If I could lower the percentage of the text size I could achieve 18 lines with a wider document viewer meaning less wrapped lines.


I think what this boils down to is the ability to customize the default font size so you can change the font sizes for multiple songs without setting them individually as you can now. That's on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you.


Ya for sure it would accomplish the same thing and what you're proposing would definitely be easier for the user.