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Lyric Scroll Automation

Started by wakevortex, October 29, 2021, 03:10:13 AM

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I have been using auto calculate for scrolling up till now, but some songs are not quite right, so I am experimenting with Automation and/or manual scrolling ..
I have 2 questions
1) How do I override the current auto scrolling from running when an automation track is present.. at the moment a double select starts the recording and auto scrolling begins ..
I want this to continue but NOT for songs that have automation, as they interfere with each other .. I know I can turn it off ( I have a button for it on the layout ) but then I have to remember to do that only for certain songs..can it be auto overridden if automation scrolling is present?

2) If I use MANUAL calculation for auto scroll and do NOT enter a duration for pre roll and Auto scroll duration, will it revert to the autoscroll for that track as before? it seems to work but just confirming

Bill P


I've used the combination of automation and auto scroll. I don't use a pre roll fit automation.  There are different approaches, you can play with the scroll duration and just use automation to start the scroll, instead of pre roll, If it gets too far ahead you can stop it temporarily with the automation then start it again like maybe for an instrumental section. The duration needs to be shortened a bit when there's a pause added.  Or you can deliberately set the scroll duration much shorter and use lots of stops and starts to advance a paragraph at a time.

I think to use both in parallel you'd need to have the pre roll set up manual and for the purely auto scroll songs enter the pre roll manually.  That way you can just set the pre roll to 0 for the automation tunes.


1) There isn't a way to skip the Start/Stop Auto-Scroll layout action if an automation track is present. Automation tracks aren't just an alternative to automation tracks and can be used for other things, and can even be used to start and stop auto-scrolling. So the way to achieve what you're looking for is to remove the Start/Stop Auto-Scroll layout action and replace it with a Start/Stop Automation Track action. Then for each song where you want to use auto-scrolling, record an automation track that starts the auto-scrolling. Assuming you want to start the auto-scrolling at the start of these songs, you could then copy and paste that simple automation track to other songs.

2) Yes, if you have Settings > General Settings > Calculate Auto-Scroll Duration set to Manual, but you don't enter an Auto-Scroll Duration for a song, the auto-scroll function will use the regular Duration for a song. If that's not entered either, it will use the Default Song Duration for the set list (or Settings > General Settings > Defaults > Default Song Duration for smart lists). If that's not entered either, auto-scrolling won't start.

Maybe I should update the app so that if you enter a 0 into the manual Auto-Scroll Duration field, auto-scrolling won't start. Currently, a 0 is treated the same as an empty field, and would cause the function to look at the Duration and Default Song Duration.


" just use automation to start the scroll, instead of pre roll, If it gets too far ahead you can stop it temporarily with the automation then start it again like maybe for an instrumental section."

thats an interesting  approach.. some useful tips there..much appreciated.
Im assuming at this point you have auto scroll turned off globally for that layout? (As having Autoscroll AND automation scroll seems to make it look very odd.  ) which makes my question 2 relevant.. I think it does seem to carry on in auto IF no pre roll or auto scroll duration is set.. hope that makes sense LOL

aaah just saw Arlos response... looks like I will have to add an automation track to ALL songs I wish to to start auto scrolling (after first turning it off globally )
And it seems my grasp of question 2 is indeed correct...thanks Arlo !

Bill P


Ya sorry been away from the forum a few days.  I have automation set to start with the song selection.  Now that I think about it more Arlo is correct you would need to turn off the autoscroll starting with song selection if you want to make a mix.  But if you have autoscrolls that you want to use and don't want to use any other automation, just have the automation start the autoscroll for those songs instead of song selection and they will work as they always did.  Arlo mentioned that you could copy and paste the automation track, I've never tried that.  You can also just manually add an automation event start "start auto scroll". And give it a time of 00:01 or something like that.