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Documentary Video

Started by arlo, November 05, 2021, 10:12:49 AM

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For more than two years I've wanted to make a documentary-style video showing how various bands use BandHelper. The pandemic got in the way, but I started this summer and finally finished! Thanks to the six bands who participated ... it was a lot of fun to meet them and get an inside look at what they do.


This was really inspiring to watch! I've been a user since way back in the Set List days. I still gig several times a week and wouldn't show up. Without Band Helper.  :)


Great video Arlo.  Good to see what other folks are doing with BH.


Video was awesome!   I leveraged it to get my new band members to buy into the Bandhelper concept.

Now everyone's got their own tablet, the singer is receiving MIDI changes for his keys and VoiceLive, the bass player is creating his own notes, the drummer is playing to a click/backing track out of BH, and we're all live sharing via WiFi.  Next control!

Big thanks to Arlo and his team for having such a full-featured software, and for providing outstanding customer service!