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top menubar on layout

Started by jwrioux, August 14, 2020, 07:37:56 AM

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Is there a simple way to hide the top menubar in a layout (blue rectangle in photo) when using a layout?


I think it's called the "top toolbar", by the way. I can hide many of the buttons (notifications, MIDI, and so on) via 'Appearance Settings', but not the entire toolbar.


The only way to hide the top toolbar is to expand the document viewer to full-screen, but I don't recommend that as a regular practice because that also hides everything else, and it's a relatively fussy and error-prone workflow.



It would be make the entire top toolbar selectable in Settings>Appearance. While I like the the idea of a full-screen view, I do dedicate about 1/2" at the bottom of my iPad to display the current song, the current time and the next song. It'd be nice to have that extra 5/8" of scrolling lyrics at the top of the screen.

I use a foot pedal to prompt next and previous songs. Is there a setting that I could use to automatically exit out of full screen upon reaching the end of the current song? That way, when I prompt the next song with the foot pedal, it would automatically resize to full screen?


Hiding the top toolbar would create a big visual inconsistency, and would require a new way to navigate since that's where the back button is.

You can change Repertoire > Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details > Actions > Close Full-Screen Document to Song Completion. The song completion will be determined by the duration you entered for the song, the end of a recording playing during the song, or the end of an automation track playing during the song, whichever comes later.

I've been steering people away from the full-screen toggle for a while now because it uses system elements for showing PDFs or lyrics, and those elements don't like being resized after they're loaded. This has created dozens of bugs over the years and is on my short list of features I'd love to get rid of.  ;)


In today's app releases, the full-screen documents work differently and should be more reliable, so I can fully recommend that approach again now.

Release notes and a demo video are here:

And this video specifically shows how the full-screen functionality has changed: