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Simple scroll setup

Started by Bluestonerocks, December 18, 2022, 08:44:10 PM

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I have now tried many times but can't get anything scrolling consistently or at all. God this is complex.

Ok. Can someone tell me the simple settings to get this system scrolling lyrics.

1. Starts scrolling when I select song from set list
2. Pauses for 20 seconds before it starts scrolling.
3. Scrolls through all lyrics in song in 2 minutes.
4. The same for all songs.

Yip. I can't even get that going consistently

If I can't get this going I'm going back to lyric pad. Great concept but if scrolling is this difficult I dread to try anything else.

Thanks for your help.


While you could give every song the same initial pause (we call this the pre-roll) and scroll duration, you probably wouldn't want to because not every song has the same duration or the same length of lyrics. The easiest approach is to enter the duration of each song and let the app calculate the pre-roll and scroll speed based on that. Then you can override the automatic calculation for specific songs if needed. Details are here:

To start auto-scrolling when you select a song, you can click the Edit Layout button in the top toolbar while viewing a show, select Edit Details, scroll down to Actions and set Start/Stop Auto-Scroll to Song Selection. See also: