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MIDI Bluetooth connection to 2 devices..

Started by davelson, December 01, 2021, 05:13:32 PM

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Hi all
I currently use BandHelper on iPad to control a Boss RC-500 using Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth midi adapter, which selects patches automatically via MIDI presets when I select a new song to play.... Works very well for my gigs.

I've just acquired a Boss GP-10 which has USB-B MIDI out connection, and would also like to be able to use Bandhelper MIDI presets to select patches for guitar effects when I select songs.

Has anyone got any recommendations on best way to do this - hardware wise..? It doesn't appear that I can use the Yamaha BT adapter to add the GP-10 without using a USB MIDI hub of some kind... Anyone have any experience in most cost effective option..?

I really want to avoid a cabled connection to the iPad if possible... Lightning socket is not secure enough for live work..

Thanks in advance!



I'm not aware of a product that can go from the iPad using Bluetooth MIDI to the GP-10 using USB MIDI. Maybe a USB MIDI interface with a Bluetooth adapter plugged into it would work? Hopefully someone else has more info on this.