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Play Recording button failure until app restarted issue

Started by jamkeys, December 05, 2021, 05:45:25 AM

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Hi ,
What happened : I tap the recording icon to start a track and it does not respond. Everything else seems to work. I click on other songs - midi gets sent etc. I go back to the song I want to play and still get no response from the recording icon. To fix I need to quit and restart the App.

This has only happened at 2 gigs in years of using BandHelper. The first was at a very hot and humid  summer outdoor gig at the beginning of August (happed twice) so I figure that humidity had something to do with it. But it happened again last night once in an inside / normal conditions gig so I though I'd check if this was known.

I am using a relatively new iPad mini (2 years oldish).  I am willing to wipe/reformat it if that might help. I just thought it was strange that only the recording icon seemed to be affected. This happened on different songs - not the same song.