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Advance BH lyrics display to song time position via MIDI?

Started by Ahiru, December 08, 2021, 06:42:30 AM

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Curious if it is possible to send BandHelper a MIDI sequence that would trigger it to advance it's automated lyrics display 'as if' the song had reached a given time position?  (In this use case, using only lyrics with some programmed advanced automation; no recording or MIDI files involved)

For example, say you are recording a chorus at time 2:30 within the song, and you'd like your DAW to send a MIDI message to BH so it would advance lyrics display to a corresponding point (so a singer could see those lyrics)?


The closest thing is that if you're playing all the way through a song, you could have your DAW send a message to trigger the "Next Page or Marker" remote control action at each section of the song, and then BandHelper would advance through the markers that you added to your lyrics.

But I think you want to jump to any place in the song and have the DAW tell BandHelper what part of the song it's in so BandHelper scrolls the lyrics to the corresponding part. I think the most straightforward way to get that would be to add "Page or Marker [1-10]" remote control actions to BandHelper. Then the DAW could send those specific messages for whatever part of the song you jump to.


Thanks Arlo... that sounds like a reasonable solution.

(This question was in response to a question I saw posted on another forum looking for a way to display lyrics to a singer during a recording session, including a wish to highlight phrases 'karaoke style'.  Seems that BH would be a great fit for this kind of in-studio use, but the missing piece would be syncing the BH lyrics (and other notations) automation to the DAW time position, since recordings are often made in sections or punch-ins rather than a full end-to-end song roll.)


Gotcha. Thanks for looking into a potential BandHelper recommendation.  :)