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Is it possible that SetList Maker to control 2 keyboard program changes?

Started by yamahap200, December 17, 2021, 12:19:28 PM

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Is it possible that SetList Maker can control 2 different keyboards (example - Korg & Yamaha) program changes? Currently, I use Setlist Maker for my setlists and to change program changes via USB MIDI settings via camera card adapter within the Setlist Maker app.  It works great and have been using it for years.

What if I add an additional keyboard to the mix and would like to use Setlist Maker to also change the program changes on this additional keyboard, whats the best way to accommodate this? Is it required to have an additional IPAD with the app installed with the same exact setlists and etc, but set the MIDI program changes to just reflect this newer additioanal keyboard, or is there a device that could be used to utilized one IPAD that splits the USB MIDI connection to allow both keyboards to be used at the same time from one ipad?

Could I use this type of adapter coming out of my IPAD conntected to my camera kit connection cable - and then use (2) USB Printer cables that will plug into the regular USB female ports of this adapter - to each Printer USB cable ends which will plug into each keyboard USB Midi port?


Yes, you can control two keyboards from Set List Maker. You would create a MIDI Device for the new keyboard, then in each of your MIDI presets you can enter the program changes for the new keyboard.

The easiest way to physically connect the devices is to run a MIDI cable from the MIDI Thru jack of the first keyboard to the MIDI In jack of the second. This assumes at least one of your keyboards has a MIDI Thru jack. If not, you could try a USB hub -- I don't think that simple splitter cable will do it -- or get a USB MIDI interface with multiple output ports.

If you have any trouble with that, I would test with one keyboard at a time to make sure Set List Maker and the keyboards are set up correctly, then you can troubleshoot your method of connecting both keyboards.


Thanks Arlo - I appreciate your fast reply. I will give it a try.


Arlo -

I finally got around to testing this dual USB cable for my 2 keyboards and it works great. No bulky MIDI devices or anything. Clean and simple, just wanted to share in case you need to recommend to others.



I got the same cable that yamahap200 is using and it works perfectly with my MOXF8 and Juno DS88 plugged into my iPad using the Apple Camera Adaptor. Only thing is that I need to do is keep resetting the lighting plug into my ipad for it to charge. Otherwise, the battery will be drained between practice sessions.


I purchased this adapter that allows me to charge at the same time as when the USB end is plugged into adapter.

Apple Certified Lightning Male to...

Works great - just make sure you have a long enough charging cable to fit from the floor to the adaptor.