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Register new project to same email adress?

Started by CharlyP, December 22, 2021, 02:05:59 PM

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Hello Arlo,

I probably have a typical layer 8 problem (aka user error or misunderstanding).

I have been a registered user of Bandhelper with my band for a long time - we have a 2-5 user pro licence.

Now I want to subscribe to an additional solo artist licence for a separate stand-alone project.

When I enter my new registration data with my email address known to you at, I get the message:

"The email address you entered already belongs to a Bandhelper account. Do you really want to create a new Bandhelper account? Yes"

My question is whether it is safe to use both accounts (Pro with 2-5 users and Basis as a solo artist) in parallel with the same email address - or whether this will cause me problems.

Thank you very much for your help (and the wonderful work you do) and already now a blessed Christmas and a happy new year.



There's no technical reason not to have multiple accounts with the same email address. The main reason for this warning is that people commonly forget their login info, then create a new account thinking that will somehow give them access to their original account.

Confusion can also occur if, for example, you renew one account and then a short time later you get a renewal notification for the other account. Every notification like that will include the account name, so you can pay attention to that to see what account the notification is for.


Great, then I know what I have to do.
Thanks for the quick help 👍