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Author Topic: setlistmaker plus m1 bt midi plus imidi patchbay  (Read 2568 times)


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setlistmaker plus m1 bt midi plus imidi patchbay
« on: January 15, 2022, 12:59:20 PM »
Hi guys

Thanks in advance for your input. I run slm through m1. My boards are a Nord S3 plus a Prophet rev2.
Works all super regarding prg change per song/device. Now for reasons regarding the NS3 cc7 to Prev2 I need extra midi routing/filtering. I found the imidi app. And I would prefer this sw solution over buying another box. So here are my questions:
1) Can I run slm and imidi on one iPad through the m1 bt device?
2) Will I need any extra midi routing hardware?
3) Is anyone using the same or a similar setup?

What I‘m basically trying to do, is to route real time cc7 commands from the NS3 section to the Prev2

Help highly appreciated