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Moving songs in show

Started by coachz, November 24, 2021, 10:31:00 AM

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On a 9in android tablet whether in portrait or landscape we are finding that to move a song up or down only works for us about 20% of the time. We are being very careful to press and hold on the right hamburger icon without moving and waiting till the line lights up and then drag up and down to move but it does not work reliably for us at all. Hopefully this can be addressed in new version to make this easier to do. At the moment we find we have to hold ever so slightly to the left of the hamburger but even that only works for us about 20% of the time.

On an unrelated note when you go to press the plus sign to add presets and such I think it would be more intuitive if you could press anywhere in the entire bar since that is the only action available if that is possible.  Thanks for the help.

Also sometimes save is at the top and check mark/save at the bottom.  Would prefer consistency.


Assuming you know to hold the grip until the row detaches, I don't know how the table drag and drop could be improved, but I can give it another look.

I previously considered making the entire "add" row clickable, but decided to keep it consistent with the "remove" buttons, where only the (-) icon is clickable, because clicking the rest of the row opens the item for editing.

The Save button is always at the top in a popup window and at the bottom in the main window, where it is optional because it auto-saves when you leave the page.


Regarding moving the row, we are being very careful to press without lateral movement and the wait until the row detaches but for us we are only successfully 20% of the time.   This will be used on live gigs where putting a show together on the fly will be needed.  Happy holidays Arlo


There are better ways to select songs while performing. Please see "How can I add songs or rearrange my set list while performing" in the FAQ:


Sorry maybe I wasn't clear. Imagine the musician is sitting around with the other musicians before the show and they are discussing which songs to play tonight. So they have a show already created and he needs to go in and change the order of some of the songs in that show. This is where the dragging comes into play and we're having that issue.


Okay, for setting up a set list before a show (assuming you have Internet access and can sync your devices) then that is the recommended approach). I'll look again and see if there is any way to improve the table reordering functionality.