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AirTurn Ped Pro causes crash and doesn't advance

Started by dharris, February 17, 2022, 12:01:04 PM

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I just got a new AirTurn PEDpro. I've set up remote control actions for "previous screen or song" to up arrow and "next screen or song" to down arrow.

When I go to my set list (overlapping buttons view), I hit the right pedal to go to the next song, I see the pedal indicator in the top right corner register the action but it doesn't advance to the next song.

As for the left pedal, if I'm on the first song in the set list, nothing happens (that seems appropriate).

But... if I switch to a later song in the set, the right pedal still does nothing but hitting the left pedal causes the app to crash!


(I just read the advice on when to file a but ticket... so I did and will upload troubleshooting logs)


I deleted the app, reinstalled, synced my data and... discovered something new!

When I looked at my set list again, it was showing the lyrics field (as is the default). The pedal scrolled fine when the lyrics were shown.

When I clicked the option to hide the lyrics field, the app behaved as I described above! Doesn't advance when pushing right pedal, crashes when pushing left pedal.

So it seems to be an issue when viewing only chords.


I just connected my bluetooth keyboard and tried this using the up and down arrow keys on that and got the same behavior.


The lyrics field is the only scrollable field in the document viewer. If you hide the lyrics from the document viewer, that leaves only the chords field in the document viewer which cannot be scrolled.

If you have text that needs to be scrollable, it will need to be placed in the lyrics field rather than the chords field.

I hope that helps!

BandHelper Support


Thanks for this info. While I don't agree with this behavior, I have now tried setting the actions to "next song" rather than "next song or screen" and the pedal works as I expect it to.