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Request to Update Midi Presets and Text - older format

Started by riodanno, February 26, 2022, 01:45:18 PM

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I am using iPad gen 4 and setlist version 6.3.7(57). I get a message to update midi presets and text. If I try to update, the system freezes and or shuts down. Any suggestions?

I am thinking of updating my iPad bc its old, as mentioned above. The latest iPad version gen 9 is the last version to have audio jack out. The pro version only uses USBC and no audio out. I trigger tracks from my iPad. If I go with a newer iPad version that doesnt have an audio out jack, what interface can I use for midi and audio to work with setlist maker? Any recommendations?

Thanks all.


For the crashing, it should save the MIDI presets as it converts them, so you can try again and it will continue where it left off, and repeat until done.

For a newer iPad without a headphone jack, you can buy adapters that go from USB-C to 1/8" stereo, or that split from USB-C to 1/8" stereo and USB-C, so you can power the iPad while getting the audio.


Thanks Arlo.

is there a setting that I need to change so that wen I add presents or enter lyrics into text, that it uses the updated midi and text format?


No, the app will always save edited or new items in the new format.