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Sync Recordings to MIDI Clock

Started by soundog, March 29, 2022, 09:01:51 AM

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I use only bass and drums backing tracks. I can create these as either separate audio files, or MIDI files with note on/off (sent to separate drum and bass modules.)

I also use a Boomerang hardware looper, which syncs to MIDI clock, on its own MIDI channel. The looper is able to record, start, and stop loops on the nearest quarter note. So, it "quantizes" loops to the nearest quarter note.

During my performance I would like the ability to start a MIDI clock, which would provide me with a tempo. I could then improvise on guitar to this tempo, start a guitar loop, etc. Then I would like to initiate playback (via tap or MIDI command) of my backing tracks (MIDI or audio) so that those tracks would begin playing on the nearest quarter note. They need to be in sync with the MIDI clock, and so in sync with the looper. This would provide me with freedom to improvise as long as I wish without being tied down to the start of backing track recordings.

In short, is there any way to start playback of MIDI or audio tracks after the MIDI clock is running, and so that they are predictably in sync with the clock?


If you have a hand free to use the screen, you can turn on Settings > Audio & MIDI > Low-Latency Recordings, then click the recording button at the right time and it should start playing in time (the Low Latency setting pre-starts the audio engine, and changes the button to respond to a touch instead of a release). If you're using a foot switch, you would have the additional delay from the foot switch transmission. Some people use a wired instead of a wireless foot switch for a quicker response.

As for a function where you can trigger the recording between beats and it will automatically delay its start until the next beat, no, Set List Maker doesn't have that.

BTW, Set List Maker doesn't synchronize audio or MIDI playback to a MIDI clock, it just relies on things staying together if they start together. That works well for most people, but if you need real syncing then you'd need to use a more specialized audio app and you could use Set List Maker to select and start the songs on it.


The answer to all my wishes was granted by Loopy Pro. Amazing app. Now I am able to relegate all of my songlist activities to Set List Maker, Loopy Pro handles all of the audio file sequencing, clock sync, and mixer ins/outs. Set List Maker calls the Loopy Pro preset for each song in a set list. All is good.