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Using Pages and Page Buttons

Started by Neill00, March 17, 2022, 05:26:44 PM

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I decided to experiment a bit with using pages and then using automation to move to the next position.  I have noticed that, with my layout anyway, there's a buffer for lack of a better word of two lines.  So the bottom 2 lines appear at the top of the next page, which is great.  Is there a setting somewhere that would increase or decrease that? Or maybe it changes in relation to the length and width of the document viewer? or maybe it's just set at 2 and that's it?.  If I could get it to buffer 4 lines, I think it would allow enough leeway using the automation so it wouldn't have to be perfect you could change pages in the middle of the 4 lines and if you were a bit ahead or behind, you'd still have the lyrics on the page.


If you're using the Next/Previous Page actions, the overlap is fixed at 90% of the height of the document viewer. If you want more control, you can use the Scroll Document Up/Down actions, and change Settings > Remote Control > Document Scroll Amount as needed.


Thanks Arlo, I'll play with the size and shape of the document viewer keeping the 90% rule in mind.  I've used Uber scroll document up and down assigned to footswitches, to nudge the lyrics either way a bit if needed during a regular scroll. What you're suggesting is instead of nudging with a value of 25% as I have been ... I could bump it up to say, 80% and scroll the whole page except 4 lines.... That should do the trick...