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New Project - any way to create a template or just bulk add resources?

Started by jeebustrain, March 21, 2022, 11:28:23 AM

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My apologies if this has been addressed before, I was searching the board and couldn't find. I'm currently using Bandhelper to drive program changes on Gig Performer on my laptop. I have a similar list of songs with a bunch of bands. Each band has its own project. Whenever I join a new band, I create a new project and manually add a bunch of stuff (songs, midi presets, layouts, etc...). The biggest pain is Midi presets, though. I have a pretty consistent list of program change numbers inside Gig Performer so that I can share everything across all the bands. But when I go into the Midi preset page in the web ui, I have about 11 pages of midi presets. It's super tedious to have to either manually pick songs through each page or do select all one page at a time in order to add it to the project. Is there a way to either automatically do this? Or at least be able to add a project to an object en masse, without the UI paging limitation? I can't seem to find one if it is.


You can click All at the bottom to show all 11 pages of MIDI presets at once. Of course you can expect the page to load more slowly when displaying or updating that many presets at a time.