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Overview Report of Events

Started by LesStrangers, February 19, 2022, 04:45:11 PM

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I feel a certain level of frustration in not being able to generate a single simple document listing all upcoming gigs with the following specific information: The names of those who have accepted the gig.

Being a larger jazz band, I have a lot of band members in second chair positions, etc. Also, sometimes I'm hiring the full usual 7 players, sometimes 9 players, or sometimes a trio or quartet.

So the number identifiers in the gig list view really mean nothing to me, as in the eg., 5/0/0/2 listed in the response column doesn't give me the information I need. I need to be able to quickly see all the gigs in a given date range and the names of those who have accepted. Then I can bug them via text or whatever. There are just too many gigs, too many people, etc. It's much too slow to have to dig into each gig info page to check on things, when there are 10-15 gigs on the calendar. It gets too confusing. One overview report is really what a band like mine needs.*

*(Bear in mind, I have some people who are serial non-accept folks, trying to postpone committing, or simply ignore the band helper texts altogether. Annoying as all get out, I admit.)


What do you want to contact people about? Unless you have a regular lineup for each gig, I assume you'd need to be sending separate messages for each gig. In that case, the easiest way to send an update is to go to the edit page for an event and use the Send Update ... With Comments function. For example, if you add info about the load-in/soundcheck, you can add that to the Notes field or custom fields, then click Send Update and mention that in the Comments field. Then BandHelper will send the updates to the users for that event using the notification types selected on their user edit pages.