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Syncing my calendar with 3 accounts.

Started by swiftdrums, June 26, 2022, 10:39:27 AM

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Hello, I have really enjoyed band helper...So much that I have been spreading the word, and all three bands I play with now have an account.  These are separate accounts with totally different players except for me.  I am Admin on 2 projects and just standard user on third.  My question: can I sync my "unavailable" data with all three accounts? If not, can I export my calendar from one to the osthers?  Finally, is there a way for me to see a calendar with gigs from the three different accounts at once, ala google calendar/iCal?


Thanks for spreading the word! But no, there is no way to share or export schedule data between accounts. (Between projects within an account, yes, but not separate accounts.) You will need to enter your unavailable dates in each account.

You can display all the events from all three accounts in a third-party calendar app, as described on this page: