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All Songs Alphabetical Smart List 2 songs off

Started by AcoustiCafe, April 09, 2022, 12:37:55 PM

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Recently Bandhelper prompted a "sync database" or something like that, and afterward I've noticed that only my All Songs Alphabetical Smartlist is two songs off. I.e. if I choose any song in that list, it shows the lyrics for the song two items down the list. I also noticed on the website that some of my pages' lists are greyed out, although I can still check and edit things.



Please go to your Repertoire > Songs list and see if you have any empty songs or songs with no names (they would appear at the top). Then either fill in the missing info if those have other info, or delete them. That should fix the problem with the smart list. If it doesn't, please submit a help ticket.


Yep, that do'd it :)
First I looked on the website and didn't see any, but then I checked my iPhone and they were there.
All good now, thanks!