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Users and Layouts

Started by Papa John, April 07, 2022, 03:37:56 PM

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Papa John

This is still driving me crazy... I'm probably just being dumb about it...

Why can't a user edit or even SELECT a layout on their tablet if they are a read-only user?  It seems to me that layouts are a very personal thing and should be completely customizable by the person that owns the tablet...



Read Only users can select but can't edit layouts.

Layouts are shared by all users by default. If a user wants to customize a layout but you want them to be read-only, you'd need to customize it for them. Alternatively, you could make the user Added Only and then they could create and edit their own layouts but not edit layouts they didn't create.

Papa John

Hi Arlo,

They aren't even able to select a different layout.  Also I tried makeing them a "added data only" user and that did not work either.



How are they trying to select layouts? The two most common ways are:

1) They can go to Repertoire > Set Lists > [set list name] > More Layout Options and click a layout name.

2) While already viewing a set list, they can click the Layouts button in the top toolbar and click a layout name. This assumes the layout includes the Layouts button. That setting is on Repertoire > Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details > Top Toolbar Buttons.