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Global Notes (eg, jokes)

Started by Ahiru, April 20, 2022, 06:52:32 AM

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I'm wondering if any BH users have created a way to manage 'global notes', i.e. something that could be quickly referenced from any song.  An example use case is a list of jokes to reference between songs.

I've seen this older post suggesting to create a mock 'song' for this purpose, but that's a bit unwieldy to have to scroll through a setlist to get to it.,1351.msg5022.html#msg5022

Any ideas or suggestions?


I have a wish list item to attach a document to a layout to make it available from every song. I'll add a vote for that.


In today's app release, you can open a document's edit page and turn on the Pinned to All Songs option. Then that video will appear under the document button for any song you view.

If you want quick access to all the pinned documents, you can add the Multiple Document Buttons item to your layout. You can also assign screen gestures or remote control buttons to specific pinned documents.