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CME Widi Master

Started by rmarton123, May 13, 2022, 05:53:02 AM

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I'm considering purchasing the Widi Maste by CME. Will Band Helper connect and be able to use the Widi Master to transfer PC anc CC messages to my Effects pedals and Midi enabled Amplifiers and other gear.

I'm already familiar with setting up USB Midi to my Footswitch from my android using a USB to cable from my Android to the Line 6 Effects Pedal. I'd like to replace that with the CME Widi Master


BandHelper supports MIDI over Bluetooth on Android, but the Widi Master doesn't officially support Android; more info is here:

On some Android devices it works fine anyway, on some devices it works if you pair it with the MIDI BLE Connect app instead of pairing it inside BandHelper, and on some devices it doesn't work at all.

The same is true for the Yamaha MD-BT01


Do you have an FAQ on how to connect the Widi Master to Bandhelper? Do you have to change any Midi settings in the utility? I know there is a Set Midi to (i forget the wording at the moment) But if i keep this setting off then it works with USB but if I turn this mode on it works with 5 pin Midi.


You might be referring to Help > Utilities > Use Old MIDI Framework, which enables MIDI over wi-fi but disables MIDI over Bluetooth. That is very old now and is off by default.

Bluetooth MIDI support is not in the FAQ, but it is discussed in the section "TROUBLESHOOTING MIDI PRESETS" on the Sending MIDI tutorial:

You would normally connect to a Bluetooth MIDI device by clicking the MIDI icon in the top toolbar and clicking Connect to a Bluetooth Device. If that doesn't work, you can try installing the MIDI BLE Connect app and connecting to the Bluetooth MIDI device from there, then switch back to BandHelper and it will share the Bluetooth connection automatically.