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Next Song triggered by “song completion”

Started by Neill00, June 03, 2022, 03:11:02 PM

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Based on discussions in another thread I thought I would do some experimenting and perhaps be able to harness more of Bandhelpers power.  I set up the Next Song in the Layout and then went into the setlist to add 10 seconds in the "time between  songs" field.  So it's pretty cool how it works, I like that it changes songs first and then waits the 10 seconds to trigger any song selection actions.  The problem lies in how BandHelper is determining "song completion".  It seems to be that whatever action is the longest is the "song completion", except the duration set in the song itself isn't in the mix. 

I have the automation set up just to start the scroll, as such I just calculated how many seconds until I wanted the scroll to start and manually added the action into the automation.  So the "automation end" is only that long.  If it's 30 seconds until the scroll starts, the automation end is 30.10 seconds.  If all I do is start the song, the "song completion" is 30.10 seconds and it advances to the next song.  If I tap on the recording button the "song completion" is when the recording stops playing, so playing the recording overrides the automation.  But I have the Song Duration set up in the song edit for the actual duration of the song, which in many cases matches the recording length but I don't play recordings during performance I only have them to help me calculate the scroll.

Is this a bug, or by design, or is there a setting I'm missing that would force BandHelper to use song duration for the "song completion"?

I figured rather than using pauses, I could just tweak the song duration if there were songs that I want to run together.  The rest would have the 10 second gap.


The song completion actions are called when a song's recording, video or automation track ends (whichever is later), or when the song duration is reached, if the song doesn't use a recording, video or automation track.

In your case, you can edit your automation track and change the time of the End event to the time that you want the next song to be selected.


Ahh, I see the hierarchy.  I figured I could remedy the situation by adjusting all the end times in the automation, I was just wanted to make sure there wasn't an edit field I was missing somewhere before I start doing all the work.  Thanks for the explanation.