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Adding individual Documents

Started by dr_rollo, July 21, 2022, 03:27:14 AM

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We're using BandHelper in our band with multiple users. Actually I'm the administrator, adding new songs incl. mp3 and a default sheet for all users. When they now add their own sheets, they have to uncheck all users and keep themselves checked, then move this doc to the top to get it displayed as default for their lists. Sometimes they forget to uncheck all, and the other users don't see the original version any longer as they former got.
It would be helpful if a new doc would be placed at the top and checked only for the user who added it by default. It there is no doc uploaded, yet, or they think that others should also get Access to it, they could check other users.


Currently, documents attached to an event are assigned to the users of that event by default, and documents attached to anything else are assigned to all users by default. I'll give some thought to whether that should change.


In today's release, if a user with Added Data editing access adds a document, the default user assignment is to only that user.