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Trying to use BandHelper to change patches on a Roland SPD SX

Started by Dazzathedrummer, May 18, 2022, 09:23:43 AM

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I'm struggling to get BandHelper to send program changes to my SPDSX.

I'm using an iPad with non-Apple equivalent of the camera kit (which definitely works for midi as I've been using it with a controller keyboard and Moog apps).

I've got BH set to ch10 and the SPDSX set to ch10. I don't think I understand what the Midi Presets are for and what needs to go into them for BH to send the right message?
I set up a preset called SPDSX with SPDSX selected in Program Changes - I've put 000 000 000 in there but know idea if that's correct.
On one of my songs i've put 019 as the midi song number but nothing happens if I hit the midi button.

I've read through a lot of posts on here but I still don't know what I'm doing! ...I have MainStage and Ableton to test if midi is being sent if needed.
I simply want to change the program/patch on the SPDSX from BandHelper rather than re-ordering the SPDSX patches for every gig.


You'll first need to find out what MIDI messages you need to send to the SPD SX. The best place to find that is usually in its user manual, but you might find it on a Roland forum or maybe someone who has one will chime in here.

Then you'll enter those messages into MIDI presets, and attach the MIDI presets to your songs, as described here:


Thanks Arlo.

Does that mean I need a preset for every patch?


Yes, but if multiple songs use the same patch, they can use the same preset.