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HowTo control Keyboards by Samsung Tablet A7 (Android ver. 11) via MIDI?

Started by lowaz, May 08, 2022, 03:47:55 PM

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Hello in the forum,

To better frame my subsequent questions, here in advance how's it working well so far:

Via a
(A) masterkeyboard I'm playing two devices:
(B) a second keyboard and
(C) a hardware organ expander via MIDI.

For this purpose I'm using up to now a
(D) hardware midi patchbay,
which does all the program switching (by song number) to (A), (B) and (C) for each song.
I also have a thick folder on top of my keyboard rack with all the lyrics and their chords.

1) the patchbay (D) and organ expander (C) are in a rack next to the keyboard stand, which takes up too much space on the stage that we sometimes don't have. Rack has to go.
2) The visibly thick text folder should go and be replaced with a tablet.

==> the rack should disappear completely (I'll integrate the small organ expander on the keyboard rack).
==> all songs of the folder shall be set up in the app "Set List Maker" on the Android tablet (SAMSUNG A7, SM-X200)
their lyrics are loaded and assigned to it and
==> the app "Set List Maker" should take over all MIDI tasks of the patchbay for each song
==> and, I hope, all the Notes I´m playing on my Masterkeyboard will be transported to  (B) and (C) also...
==> but of course only after the new configuration works 100%.

I hope very much that I could make the "rebuild goal" understandable....

- 10" SAMSUNG A7, SM-X200 with Android ver. 11
- app "Set List Maker" acquired
- USB Y-OTG cable ( = USB-OTG cable with additional connector for power supply)
- MIDI Interface USB MIDISPORT Uno - M-Audio

It seemed reasonable to me to do a simple test arrangement ahead,
=> "MIDI Commander" installed on the tablet,
=> OTG -Y cable connected to the USB-C of the tablet.
=> connected the MIDI interface to the USB connector of one cable of the OTG
=> connected the USB plug of the second OTG cable of the OTG to a USB charger.

No reaction - neither at the tablet, nor at the MIDI interface.
On the MIDI interface, at least the USB light should respond....

- What am I doing wrong?
- Is one of the parts in the test chain unsuitable for the task?
- If yes, which one?

Thank you in advance for your help


If you launch Set List Maker, click the MIDI icon in the top toolbar and look at the list of Connected Ports, is your MidiSport Uno listed there?