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Songs and Set lists dis appeared after upgrade.

Started by Basstrup, May 24, 2022, 08:49:38 AM

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Just upgraded to latest version on iPad. After upgrade the database is there but no songs, shows or set lists are shown. I can't import a db the db files are all greyed out. I have 6 festival gigs coming up starting Thursday. Any help is greatly appreciated


The 2022-05-20 release updates your database file when you select a database from the Databases list. However, if you only have one database, that is auto-selected when you launch the app, which bypasses the update function. If you see that your database is empty because it was not updated, you can follow these steps to update it now:

1) Open the database that appears empty.
2) Click the Help (?) button in the top toolbar and select Utilities.
3) Scroll to the bottom of the Utilities list and click Remove Converted Database.
4) Accept the prompt to delete the converted file.
5) Now you should be back at the Databases list, with your database showing 'needs update.' Click the database name to update it.
6) When 'needs update' no longer shows, click the database name to open it.