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Export to Band Helper

Started by Cwhitmore, May 27, 2022, 03:31:52 PM

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I've been a SLM user for many years and am trying out Band Helper. I'm generating the .json file from my database but when I try to import it in Bandhelper, I keep getting a message to update SLM to 5.20.22.
It is updated to 5.25.22 and I have exported from my old ipad mini, my new ipad, and my iphone with the same result. Thanks in advance for any help!


I had a discrepancy between the app version and the database version that I just fixed. Does the import work now?

If not, please submit a help ticket and attach your export file to it:


I just exported a BandHelper database from one of my accounts via web browser, and tried to import to another BandHelper account also via web broswer, and I got this error:

Please update Set List Maker to version 2022-05-12 or later and then submit your database again.


Oops, it shouldn't check for a version number when importing from BandHelper. I just fixed that.


Thank you! I'll try it now.