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Automations randomly disapearing

Started by aeonaero, May 29, 2022, 11:27:55 AM

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My duet partner and myself are relatively new to BH. We have several dozen songs worth of recorded automations. Each week, automations simply disappear for no apparent reason for several random songs. At first, I figured it was myself or my partner doing something stupid. But I've been seeing this happen WAY to frequently and is concerning.

My suspicion is that something in the sync between all of the devices we use it on is getting "wonky" somehow. Between each of us working on songs through the website, recording automations on our personal ipads, and on our "performance" android tablet, automation just go away for no known reason.

Anyone have this experience and if so, what did you do to reduce/eliminate it?

Thanks all.


Do you mean automation tracks?

If you submit a help ticket and include the name of a song where you've had a problem, I can look into it: