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MIDI programming for Nord Electro 5D

Started by Plato67, June 16, 2022, 01:56:50 PM

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I've been using the midi setlist function in Bandhelper to trigger my AxeFx FM3 programs. I have it setup as LSB (0) MSB (blank) and Program (8); this works like a charm. However, now I want to set up our Nord keyboard so that when I hit the song in Bandhelper on my Ipad, it triggers my FM3 AND the Nord song setting.

The Nord setting I want is situated in Bank 5 location 3. How would I enter that in the midi preset? I've tried 0,5,4 and it takes me to Bank 1 location 3 on the Nord.



Did you try putting the bank number into the MSB instead of the LSB field? Which you are supposed use should be indicated by the Nord user manual.

Also, if you're entering a program value of 4 but getting program 3, that suggests you have your MIDI device set to 1-128 numbering in BandHelper while it is actually using 0-127 numbering.



I tried both suggestions and it still switches to 1:13.

Here's a hint that something ain't right, when I select other FM3 presets in Bandhelper the Nord switches too, but I haven't programmed those Nord presets yet...


That would happen if you're sending to both devices on the same channel (which BandHelper normally doesn't let you do) or the devices are listening on all channels.