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Sync tempo on several devices

Started by muzztone, June 20, 2022, 01:02:12 AM

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I've looked through forums and can't find anything that answers this question.
Is it possible to sync tempo for several BH devices on the same network so that they are playing the same tempo IN SYNC. This would mean all screens flashing in unison.  I would have thought this was achievable using Ableton sync but I have a set an iPad to send Ableton sync and a phone to receive it but the tempo doesn't seem to change. I can see that song specific tempo set on the phone would override Ableton sync and wonder where a setting might be to slave the phone to the Ableton tempo?
Alternatively doing the same via midi clock sent over a network
Thanks for any advice and brilliant app obviously!


BandHelper doesn't have a function to do this. Implementing it with MIDI is on my wish list.