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Odd "Sending Data" message?

Started by Zionplayer, June 20, 2022, 05:27:01 AM

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Don't think I had seen this before and am not sure where it is coming from.. looked through my setup and couldn't find why this is being sent? Anyone else have this issue pop up?

From SET LIST view (ie - attached to a song)
Whenever I send 'MIDI' data, the first message sent is always 'sending data [F3, 6D] to all ports', followed by the midi data I intended to send
I even created a blank midi preset and sent that... same result, sent the [F3, 6D] and nothing else?

When I send from "Preset" view, I only get the intended midi data (not the F3, 6D first)

SO - I figured its something in my layout - odd thing is so far it does it on 3 layouts I have tested on my iPad and on my iPhone, both stock and modified layouts.

I am missing something obvious I think?


That's a song select message. Do you have something in the MIDI Song Number field on your song edit pages?


Hey - I wanted to say no because I thought about that as well, but had to check: couple of months ago thought about that MIDI to control a lighting scene per song (under "Remote Control - MIDI Song Number"), but it didn't seem to work for my need so I turned if off again.  Turns out I didn't clear the actual song midi field when I turned off the option to send MIDI Song ...

Thanks for clearing that up!