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Song edit notation/notes

Started by themetallikid, December 03, 2021, 09:39:28 AM

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Hey Arlo...    I have a few problem songs where the tempo or lyric space (my issue on doc i uploaded) needs work.   

However, during the song/performance i make a mental note. But over a few shows and the weekend it gets lost when i have a chance to set it up at home to edit properly. 

Is there a way or to create a way to mark songs in a performance situation that i can pull the app up later and see those songs and then correct them? 


You could use the document annotation function to draw corrections onto the documents. Then you'd have to page through all the songs later to find the notes you made. On the plus side, maybe those notes would be all you'd need to make the documents good.

Personally, I use printed set lists and at each set break I jot notes onto the set list for songs that need work in our next rehearsal. If you're not using printed set lists, you could jot them into a Notes app on your phone. They key is to do it after each set when you can still remember what needs attention.

Here's one more idea, although this isn't really what the function is designed for: you could show the song numbers in your layout, then click the checkbox to mark songs that need work later. This wouldn't document what changes are needed, but the list would be easy to see later, and more importantly it would be very quick to mark during your performance.


I wanted a way to mark a song for personal practice while at a band rehearsal or performance.  Here's what I did.

First I created a custom field I called "My Practice".  I gave it an index value of 1 so that it would appear near the top of the fields in the Song Edit function.  I made the field private so only I would see it.

Next I added the Edit Song button to the Top Menubar of my preferred layout.

Then I created a custom Smart List called "Practice".  I made it viewable only by myself.  In the Filter definition,  I set the  field My Practice  "is greater than", and left the value field blank.

To use it, in performance or rehearsal when a song that needs practice is selected, I tap the Edit Song button on the top Menubar, then type anything into the "My Practice" field and save.  It takes maybe 3 seconds.  When I hit Save it returns me right to the set list where I left off.

When I want to practice on my own I just select The Smart List "Practice".  Only those songs with something in the My Practice Field are shown.  To remove something from the practice smart list, I just hit the Edit Song button again and blank the Practice field.


That's a great approach. I must have been too focused on the idea of attached documents to think of that.

Awash (drums)

I also wanten to make notes during rehearsel and keep Thijs notes availible in my 'layout' so I see them af home when preparing. I wanten to see the notes in a layout (costum made).

For me it works great to make a quick note and later at home make proper note. So in my layout I have a field with my personal notes (proper notes). And I have a smaller field For quick notes. By dubble tab I can open a document and 'vinger write on the screen of my ipad' a quick note. Then dubble tab again and I am back in my setlistlayout, en de quick note is being saved with the song. After making a proper personal note I delete the quick note in de document page. So as long as iT is not removed I see the note when selectief the song as a reminder.

Probebly this is a little confusing so I will try to attach a foto. The white part is the quick note option. Ti's just aan example. Perhaps this can work for you?

Awash (drums)

I am experimenting with this at the moment with the notes (and a new layout for my needs as a drummer for rehearsing and live performance. For now I can say it works great.