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Moving Markers within a PDF

Started by MarkA, July 11, 2022, 08:12:32 AM

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I am having difficulties moving markers on a PDF document.  I see the markers show up in the upper left hand corner but I can't seem to move them down the document.  I want to use these markers with my foot pedal and move the document down as I manually want to.  I have been using ForScore for years but trying to gravitate to BandHelper. 


Before adding a marker, you should scroll the document to the location where you want to add it. It sounds like you're adding markers with the document scrolled to the top. Does that resolve it?

You can't move a marker after adding it. Instead, you would need to delete it, then scroll the document to the desired location and add a new marker.


That did it!  I was able to scoll down the PDF and then set the marker and it worked like I wanted it to.  Thanks for your quick response.