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ipad midi connection question

Started by jfeniello, August 24, 2022, 04:49:49 PM

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I have a stupid question that for some reason can't wrap my head around.   In my band's environment, we use a Windows PC to run tracks, midi, VSTs, etc.  We use BandHelper on iPads for set lists and lyrics.  I want the PC to send a message (midi i assume) to the iPad / Bandhelper to change songs, etc.  I get how to do that in the Remote Control > Midi section in bandhelper, but my question is; how the heck to i physically get the midi messages from the PC to the iPad?  some trick for wireless midi?  some way to use bluetooth?  Do i need some hardware MIDI interface for the (lightning) iPad?  Something else?
Sorry, i assume it's obvious since i can't find mention of it anywhere, but can't connect the dots.


You can buy a pair of USB MIDI interfaces like the ones recommended here:

Or you can use RTP MIDI, which is MIDI over wi-fi:



Awesome, i got it working with rtpMidi, seems to work great.   So next question :).
Seems i have three options for the other band member's iPads:
1. Mine get's rtpMidi messages to switch songs, etc., and we use the BH Broadcast Remote Control to the other iPads
2. Mine get's rtpMidi messages to switch songs, etc., and we use the BH Broadcast Screen to the other iPads
3. Set up all 4 iPads as rtpMidi participants and they'll all be configured to obey midi commands.

All seem like they'll work.  1&2 have the normal +/-'s that they would regardless.  So any thoughts on stability/etc., between 1/2 and 3 as a solution?  Or all seem equally viable/stable?



I think options 1 and 3 are more similar. Either would let you select songs on all the devices and then trigger different functionality as needed on each device using layout actions. In contrast with those, option 2 is more foolproof but more limited because you can't use separate functionality or view different info on the different devices.

Between options 1 and 3, option 3 is simpler because song selections go to each device directly rather than going to a lead device, then getting converted to BandHelper's system for remote control and sent from there to the other devices. So I'd start with that and then try option 1 if you have trouble connecting all the devices directly via MIDI.

If you want to trigger actions at other times using MIDI from the computer, that would work with option 3, but if you want to trigger actions at other times using gestures from the lead device, that would work with option 1. You could actually do a combination of both if you really want to get into the weeds.  ;)