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BandHelper: Make "Artist" or Custom Field show up in setlist under Song Title

Started by TLS, July 19, 2022, 11:10:28 AM

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Hello everyone! New user here, and I'm LOVING THIS APP!  Here's my question (I've searched this Forum, and can't seem to find an answer...): When I add a new song to the repertoire, one of the Fields under the Song Title is labeled "Artist". I want that Field (or perhaps a Custom Field, or even the Notes Field) to actually display in any of the Setlists I make- showing directly under the song Title. So far, the only Field I've found that will actually show up in the setlist display is the "Key" Field. This seems odd to me, as I would assume many performers would want to see some specific notes on their setlists under the Song Title- without having to tap a button to show... Is there any other way to accomplish this besides using the "Key" Field? BTW, my favorite/ preferred Setlist View- or "Layout" is "Big Fields".  Anyway, THANKS IN ADVANCE for anyone's/ everyone's response. I can see, from the questions and answers in this Forum, that YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY ROCK!


Thanks, I'm glad you're linking the product so far.

To choose what fields are displayed in the song list, you can click the Edit Layout button in the top toolbar, select Edit Song List, click the song list's options button (top right corner), scroll down to Set List Fields, select the desired fields, scroll down further to Field Display Order, drag the fields into a different position if needed, then click the Edit Layout button again and select Save.


UR Awesome! (Sorry for my late reply) THANK YOU! I've got it to display just the way I want it. Can't wait to use this as a replacement for my binder with papers flying everywhere, LOL! (Expect to eventually use the MIDI functions, as well!) Blessings! 😎🎹USA