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Display title in full screen?

Started by wcb, July 27, 2022, 09:13:01 AM

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Hi, I'm a very new user of BandHelper. I've been working on layouts in preparation for my first gig using it and like the full-screen view a lot (for this upcoming show I'm almost exclusively using it for referencing chords and not lyrics). The one thing I'd love to figure out (or add as a feature request if not available now) is the ability to have the song title displayed at the top in full-screen mode. Without lyrics to differentiate the songs, it would be difficult to tell which song you're on in the set if you needed to switch to another one quickly.

Okay, one other thing I'd love to figure out or request... ;D

Once you're in full-screen mode, it takes two clicks–one on the wrench icon, then another on the Toggle Full Screen option–to exit full-screen mode. A little X icon or something similar that would allow you to pop out of full-screen mode quickly would be really helpful.

I'm really liking BandHelper over the other options I've tried over the years, so thanks for the great work!


If you're viewing lyrics in full-screen, you won't see anything else. If you want to see anything else along with the lyrics, the Overlapping Buttons layout is a good place to start. You can remove the two overlapping buttons if you don't need them, and add a title field instead.

If you do continue using full-screen lyrics, you can double-tap the middle of the screen to hide them.