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With Ipad song specific midi presets cannot be deleted

Started by Lazol, July 29, 2022, 08:03:25 AM

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Started facing a strange problem with Bandhelper Ipad app.

For some reason with Ipad I can add new "Midi presets" to a song but I cannot delete it. Once midi preset is added, it cannot be deleted via Ipad.

Via Web GUI I can also delete "Midi Presets" but with Ipad the delete option is missing and midi preset is grey.

Issue has started within last month. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting?


What specific steps are you taking and what do you see when you get stuck? Can you attach a screen shot?


I am taking following steps with the Ipad: Repertoire=>Songs=>select song.

There seems to be some version dependency on the problem. It happens with version 2022.07.01 but it does not happen with version 2022.06.10.

I have a backup Ipad with older version (2022.06.10) and that works ok. Attached picture in which right is newer version and left older version.


P.S. Also noticed that all Attonates are missing in the newer version. Attonate button is also grey and cannot be pushed. Picture of that also attached.


Update. I removed the whole Bandhelper Ipad pp and re-installed it. After resyncing everything seems to be again working also on the newer version.


Okay. I think a force quit and restart might have also fixed that. Glad it's working now.