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Importing songs in batch: Field "Rating"

Started by oerwouter, July 27, 2022, 10:22:27 AM

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Trying out Bandhelper. I have my songs in a spreadsheet and followed the instructions to import. (btw after clicking 'Continue' there is no confirmation of this, so I end up clicking it a few times, and ended up with each song 6 times the first time I tried)

When I am in the Edit song page, I see a field Rating (1-5). But this field is not listed in the Import instruction, is there a way to include it?


No, you can't import song ratings. These can be entered by all the users in your account, so you'd need to do that after setting up the songs.

You should see a confirmation when the import is complete. It sounds like you clicked Submit multiple times before it was complete.



I used Continue multiple times (when the example is shown on the right), there was no response at all on the screen, which made me think the site was not responding or something.