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Setlist Maker crashes when trying to add a document

Started by Andrasar, August 01, 2022, 01:49:33 PM

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Hi everybody,

I recently downloaded Setlist Maker for iOS.
iPad Air (3. Generation), iOS Version 15.5

I added a song and when I click on ,,add document" the app crashes without any error message. And this happens always when I try to add a document (not sporadically).

I also added a document beforehand under ,,Document" because I thought the reason is having no document available. However this also doesn't help and the app gets closed after clicking on ,,add document"

Any idea what I am doing wrong or any suggestion to solve this issue?

Many thanks and best regards


I see the problem and will submit a bug fix to Apple today. They will hopefully release that within 24 hours.


That's awesome.
Many thanks for your quick answer and support. :-)