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Songs being removed from projects

Started by Bill Malchow, August 16, 2022, 09:05:22 PM

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Bill Malchow

Hi, I Keep several projects going where the same song is shared in multiple projects.  For example I have "band" project for most gigs, then a "wedding" where I add a lot of cover tunes I wouldn't normally do, and then a "master list" that has both.   I use the website and apps on the iphone, mac, and ipad to manage this all.   So I often find that now and then songs seems to be removed from a project for no apparent reason.   Has anyone else noticed this?  Wondering if this is a known bug or maybe I'm doing something out of the ordinary.


I'm not aware of any problems with this. Next time this happens, please submit a help ticket and describe what happened using the specific song and project names.