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fit to height and document options

Started by Bill Malchow, August 28, 2022, 10:21:04 AM

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Bill Malchow

On gigs I mostly have sync users reading letter size pdf documents. 
1) Is there a way to have the "fit to height" option automatically selected?  Sometimes I find new songs don't have this option set which leads to awkward page turns.
2) Can the wrench icon be made a bit bigger? it is pretty tiny and hard to notice and click on. 
3) Is there a setting to disable the auto scroll feature? 


1) This is set on or off per device, not per song. So if you want to use it for all songs you can just turn it on once and leave it on.

2) The options in there aren't things you would typically use during performing, so I think it's good to keep it relatively small and subtle.

3) Auto-scrolling doesn't start automatically by default. If you have it set to start automatically in the layout options, you can turn that off (click the Edit Layout button in the top toolbar, select Edit Details and scroll down to Actions).

Bill Malchow

thanks for the reply.
2) I dunno I use annotate to make corrections to charts or performance notes during rehearsals/performance.  I don't have 20 year old eyes anyomre, and my ipad fingers seem to be getting fatter with age.  It's so tiny...


For a button that sits on top of the lyrics, I'm pretty sure making it bigger would not be a popular change. You could try using a stylus, which also makes writing document annotations a lot easier. You don't need an expensive Apple Pencil, just a cheap smartphone stylus you can commonly find for around $10.